In the embrace

everything is made perfect. In that perfect moment you forget the stresses of the world; the wilt of the day; the song you love comes on and you take a step and dance.

There is a milonga on Sunday at 2000 in the Metropole Hotel. Come and linger in that gorgeous embrace

On Feedback

Feedback is a very important concept within tango. And that sad truth is that not enough people are engage in this continuous session where there is always room to improve. My thought which I often repeat is: Tango. I know nothing.

This post provides lots of useful tips on when not and when to engage in creative feedback. It is only one man’s opinion. There are some I disagree with but there a lot of useful nuggets in there:

Without clear, clean, and honest feedback from the people that we dance with we can never change what we’re doing, or even know that change is required. And that’s the kicker right there, for a lot of you reading this and watching the video above, change is required, the problem is that you don’t know it.

Food for thought, no?


it takes a new couple dancing an old tune to make you realise what is so amazing about tango as an art form. It is the interpretation of the same song that gives us so much joy. Watch this reinterpretation of an old classic danced by Marcela Duran & the late Carlos Gavito. Vanesa Villalba and Facundo Pinero dancing to ‘A Evaristo Carriego’.

Classes start on Wednesday at 1930 in the Metropole Hotel. Don’t forget for the month of November – bring a new person to tango and get one class free.

Milonga Time

Don’t want to hold them close? In that special moment where it is just you, your partner and some soulful speaker echoing the words to your favorite song? In that special moment you dance as if nothing is there.

See them dance...

Origin Unknown. Source:

Come to the milonga this Sunday at 2000 hours in the Metropole Hotel and wheel away the wile hours. It goes until the DJ calls it